What is “Streaming” and what Does it Mean?

What Is Movie Streaming

What is streaming?

Streaming is transmitting a continuous flow of audio or video data while the earlier parts are being used continuously. Streaming data on your computer does not store data. It is continuously being sent to your computer and as you move forward with the video or audio file, the earlier data is deleted automatically.

For example, if you have downloaded a movie and want to watch it as and when you like, you don’t need to connect your device to internet. Downloaded movies are saved on your device till the time you don’t delete them. Indeed, if you want to watch the movie via a movie streaming application like NetFlix, then of course, the movie is being streamed directly from internet. Therefore, it will end up eating up your internet allowance.

How can we stream data on our devices?

Movie Streaming Apps

Streaming data on your device a cake walk. For instance, if you want to stream a movie, audio or video directly from internet, you can surely use YouTube as one of the basic video/ movie streaming website. The only reason I would like to switch to its alternatives is because YouTube gets huge traffic on their website, thus reducing the speed and quality of the video.

There are many streaming applications available for Android, Windows and iOS devices like TubeMate, SnapTube, NetFlix, Videder, VidMate, PlayView, PlayBox HD, Cartoon HD, CinemaBox HD, Popcorn Time, ViewSter, Hulu and many more.

These applications allow you to stream movies, videos, audio for free on your devices.

Difference between Streaming & Downloading

Well, with the above discussion, I am sure you were able to understand the jist of Streaming data online. Downloading a movie, audio or Video is quite convenient, in context to your internet allowance.

Downloading data is basically storing a particular data or file on your device for eternity or may be till the time you don’t want to delete it. Once downloaded, users can use the data anytime and anywhere they want.

Final Words

Users can face issues with Streaming data on their devices. If your internet is working slow or there’s a lot of crowd on the website at that particular time,the quality and speed of the video can be slowed down. Buffering is the biggest hang up for YouTube viewers and that is why downloading movies or videos via movie applications is a better option.