SHAREit Surpasses 500 Million ​ Active Users Globally



The popular cross platform App for sharing, SHAREit, has announced that the app is now being used by over 500 million users from all corners of the globe. This is according to the CEO of SHAREit, Yan Fei. The App is used by up to 1.5 million users on a typical day. While hitting the 500 million mark is no mean feat, perhaps this was to be expected considering that the app was already being used by 100 million users by March, early this year. It’s also worth noting that of the 500 million users currently using the app, a whole 20% of them are from India.

While announcing this huge achievement for SHAREit, a visibly beaming Mr. Fei said that, “We are delighted with the overwhelming response we have been receiving for SHAREit across India, China and other global markets. SHAREit is planning to invest more in the development strategy for the Indian market to get a better understanding of the needs of the local customers. SHAREit has always been committed to provide a better user experience, and will continue to upgrade the features of the app based on the requirements of the Indian users. Our aim is to breach the billion mark and make it a household name, given the amazing response it is receiving at the moment.”

It will be remembered that SHAREit was introduced in 2012, but didn’t enjoy much popularity. It wasn’t around 2013 when the app started penetrating the major markets in India and china that its user base grew tenfold. Besides, the app manufacturers have striven to make the app user friendly, and enhance the user experience. New features like CLONEit, SHAREit Vault, and Webshare have further cemented the popularity of the app. India has undoubtedly helped the app gain unprecedented levels of popularity. Estimates show that about 80% of all data and content shared on mobile phones and other hand held devices, are shared using SHAREit. Now, consider that India is a country of around 1.2 Billion, and that 80% of this population use SHAREit ! You can also have a look at Garageband For Windows where you can learn how you can easily run garageband app which is exclusive for apple users on your windows PC.

To summarize it;

SHAREit has gained top rankings in Google Play Store, which means that users who tried downloading and using it had a positive experience. Just like any other app, new features and modifications are expected in future, and this can only mean one thing; that in the words of the CEO, SHAREit could very well hit the 1Billion mark and join the exclusive club of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Few apps can pride themselves of having hit the 500 million mark and for SHAREit to achieve that feat; it means there is something they are doing right! As long as the app manufacturers continues to derive lessons from the needs and requirements of locals, then one can expect more features and functionalities in future. The Indian market in particular is expected to be the next frontier where the future and success of SHAREit will be determined.