4 Apps to Download free Movies

Who doesnt love to watch free movies? Streaming free movies takes a lot of time, sometimes due to internet speed, other times due to improper download platforms. We’ve all wished there were an easy way out of this mess one time or the other. Thankfully, there is an app for that. Or several apps.

But of course we cannot talk about all of them or we’d be going on and on ad nauseum. So let’s talk about 4 of them which are the best options for anyone who wants to have a lot of fun watching movies upon movies for absolutely no cost. Let’s get started!


For all of you who want the app of your dreams, you’ll probably end up with Vidmate. The app is a bunch of utilities rolled into one. Apart from watching latest movies free online, the app also lets you design memes, get amazing apps and also download free music!

Vidmate’s many features include conversion of videos to mp3 directly on download, pan-internet searching for movies, recommendation, latest movies in great prints and more. The interface is lovely, the speed is quick. It is everything a movie freak would want in life.


Almost like a variant of Vidmate, SnapTube makes an impression on its own. The interface is a lot well illustrated in SnapTube. Customisability is where the app wins over Vidmate. SnapTube also lets you download videos you like in MP3 as well as in HD, which makes it one of the handful which can do this among the hordes of apps of its genres. The speed is decent like Vidmate, plus the control you exercise over your memory and your entertainment is startling!

snaptube apk

Play View

Play View is the best app to download free movies, in my opinion. The interface is very user friendly, with big icons, careful slotting according to genres and type of content and so much more. Play View is somewhat more focussed on TV shows, but the astounding collection of movies makes it beat a lot of popular movie centric apps. Play View gets you subtitles, multiple resolutions and great prints of the best of movies, TV episodes and a host of other content which is enjoyed by people the world over.

Some people might have to use a VPN for streaming or downloading movies, but for most other countries, the service works like a dream.

ShowBox HD

ShowBox HD is the other end of the spectrum, opposite to Vidmate and the like. The app is entirely focused on maintaining a personal collection of titles, and not on speedy downloads. The big icons in a dark interface makes for easy viewing, and the multiple resolutions and prints make sure no movie is dropped from the list. Favorite your dearest movies, download them,cast them on a bigger screen; all is possible with ShowBox HD.


Apart from these four, you might also enjoy apps like Cartoon HD, TubeMate or Videoder. All the apps are lovable in their own way, but of course one will work better than another for each person according to their need. Some people even use two apps in a combination! Go ahead, experiment, and then tell us what works for you in the comments below!